Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The first time I heard about Guacamole was when I was seeing my brother's party pics held in the US. In that he had boldly displayed the names of all the various dishes on display such as CHAKLI, BESAN LADOO, GUACAMOLE etc.

My passion towards international cuisine and interest to learn more & more recipes helped me to know more about this exciting dip. That is also when I realised that butterfruit is also known as "AVOCADO".

After this during my Master's in Food & Nutrition, we went to attend a conference on 'New trends in food packaging", where I felt very proud to introduce my fellow batch mates to this exotic looking fruit, Avocado.

The first ever chance I got to actually prepare it was after we returned from our Goa trip from where I bought them along. But to my horror, I didn't know how to check the ripeness of the fruit & there i cut it into two halves only to realise , I couldn't scoop it as I had observed Nigella Lawson doing it. But I thought of running it in the mixie with the rest of the ingredients only to have ruined the whole fruit and the Accessories..

This time in Kodaikanal, I was hell bent on buying a fully ripe one & was happy to my heart's content to find out - YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I can scoop it...

So here's the recipe:


 Avocado chunks - 200gms ( scooped and mashed )
Garlic cloves       -  2-3 ( minced or pressed )
Jalapenos            -  3 -4 ( drained and rinsed )
Tomato               -  1 ( chopped )
Hot & sour sauce - 1 tsp 
Lime juice            - 2 tsp
Salt                     - as per taste


1. Mash the scooped avocado nicely  and check there are no big chunks left.
2. Mix in the salt, garlic, lime juice, jalapenos, tomato and the sauce into the mashed avocado and mix well.
3. Serve with nachos, breadsticks or veggie fingers.

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